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Radiate Beauty

From the inside out

The Perfect Body

Cleansers, Scrubs, Moisturizers & More

100% Organic Products

Our flagship product, authentic Himag Oil virgin coconut oil based infused with active plants, tree barks

Rock Balancing


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Josefina A. 

I have been using it for 6months so effective. My vertigo is gone, all my body pain is gone too. for sure it will work as well if this new virus will spread .so why not try pure himag miracle oil.

~ from a facebook fan

Toti Remolano

I use Pure Himag oil for massage and for my freckles. One time I applied the oil on my wound, it was healed within just two days. Really amazing!!! wow!

Where can i buy this product here in Cebu?

~ from our Email inbox


Hey! wow... your products are very amazing!!!

I was able to use it when I was in dumagute. Thanks to Tribal Miracle Oil, the amazing products that healed my very itchy skin or allergies.


~ from our online buyer

A Secret No More

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