Different sources and more and more testimonials give us to believe that our 100% Pure Himag Oil is very effective in preserving us from, and fighting harmful bacteria and viruses.

Thus, recently, by way of example, one of our client presented all the symptoms of a Sars Cov 2 infection (loss of taste and smell, fever, etc.). She self-quarantined with her partner, took our 100% Pure Himag Oil regularly and after only 3 to 4 days, all symptoms were gone and her health was completely restored. As for her partner, taking the same treatment, she had no symptoms and was able to return to her work within the same delay.

So if you are afraid of the epidemic or you might be in contact with sick people, in addition to ensuring a healthy diet with vitamin and zinc supplements, good ventilation and sufficient sleep, consider to protect you by taking our 100% Pure Himag Oil every day as a preventive measure.

And if you are already stricken by the disease, put all the chances of a speedy recovery on your side by taking our food supplement, our 100% Pure Himag Oil.

Stay safe!

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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

As Christmas approached, Antony walked quickly back to his remote mountain hamlet on Negros Island, Philippines. At around 6 o'clock in the evening, it was already almost dark.

He was returning from Dumaguete where he had fulfilled some administrative tasks, taking the opportunity to buy a few meager gifts for his wife and children. Antony was Captain of his Barangay and as such, he sometimes had to travel to town to meet other Captains and to report on his management.

Going to town was always quite an expedition. Left at dawn, you first had to walk several kilometers on dirt roads sometimes soaked by the night rain, then ride a habal-habal which took you to the higway, then spend several hours in one of these jeepneys, folk in the eyes of tourists, but very old, sluggish and sometimes so crowded that there was only room on the roof. On the way back, the same ordeal in the opposite direction awaited the traveler who hoped to be able to reach his destination before dark night.

In the Philippines, someone who enjoys an advantageous position with a certain authority often arouses the jealousy and envy of an ousted political opponent. Unfortunately, it happens that a few thousand peso bills are enough to convince a poor fellow to solve the problem in a radical way.

Suddenly, Antony heard behind him the sound of a motorbike advancing with all lights out chugging along the deep ruts in the path. A little worried, he turned to see who was coming, but saw only two vague figures. In a few seconds, the motorcycle was at its height and it was then that two brief flashes accompanied by a sharp snap emanated from one of the passengers.

Antony sank into nothingness.

A little later, lying by the side of the path, he emerged from the subconscious. The fiery pain he felt in his chest made him suffer cruelly. He was thirsty. He then remembered that the only liquid he had on hand was this little bottle of Tribal Miracle Oil 100% Pure Himag he had bought in town in the hope of alleviating some of those arthritis pains that came to him more and more often. Some good friend had told him how effective it was. He took a sip. The pain loosened his grip a little. He passed out again.

Over the next few hours, Antony came out of his coma a few times. Each time, he brought the little bottle to his mouth until it was empty. The blood he had lost had severely weakened him, but he was still alive.

Early in the morning, two neighbors passing by saw him and understood what had happened when they saw his injuries. Without much hope, they managed to transport him to the place where, luckily, a rare vehicle was passing. The driver - a foreigner - agreed to pick him up and drive him to the nearest medical center as quickly as possible. From there, in a stable condition, but still in a coma, he was transported by ambulance to the Provincial Hospital in Dumaguete.

Three days after the attack - it was December 27 - Antony opened his eyes to discover in front of him a small artificial Christmas tree with some colorful decorations and a thin garland of lights. He learned from a nurse that he was in intensive care at the hospital.

A few hours later, he was visited by the surgeon. "How come you are still alive, he said to him ? With the wounds you had, you should be dead !" So Antony turned his head to his bedside table where the nurses had put his belongings, namely the little bottle that - he was now sure of it - had saved his life. On the bottle the doctor read : Tribal Miracle Oil 100% Pure Himag.


This story is true, albeit fictionalized for the sake of narration. We saw the traces of gunshot wounds. The character's name has been changed for privacy and security concerns.

Tribal Miracle Oil 100% Pure Himag has great hemostatic power. It has been used successfully, namely to stop bleeding due to an ulcer, for example.

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What is asthma ?

Asthma is a common, chronic inflammatory condition affecting the lungs and airways. When exposed to a range of stimuli like fumes, fog, cold air, pollen and even exercise, individuals with asthma may experience wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and/or shortness of breath. It can sometimes be connected with claustrophobia. Severe attacks of asthma can be life-threatening.

What you need to know about asthma and swimming.

Swimming is a preferred activity for many people with asthma and is associated with a range of health benefits, including improved physical fitness and mental well-being.

  • Traditionally, swimming is recommended for people with asthma, as the warm and humid environment is less provocative.

  • Some recent studies suggest a possible link between asthma symptoms and the use of chlorine in the pools. The underlying thinking is that chlorine and its by-products may act as an airway irritant. This is why outdoor swimming pools are better for people with asthma rather than indoor swimming pools.

  • Based on the current research, there is not evidence to suggest that recreational swimming can make well-controlled asthma worse. Indeed, small studies suggest that swimming may have a beneficial effect on lung function, general fitness and asthma symptoms.

Tips for swimming with asthma.

Do :

  • Use the 'nose' test : if you notice an strong chemical smell after being in the pool environment for more than three minutes, then it may suggest an imbalance in the pool chemicals or problems with pool ventilation. You should not spend long in the water and inform the pool management.

  • Always shower prior ton entering the water to help maintain good water conditions.

  • Always keep your 'reliever' inhaler poolside.

  • consider using your 'reliever' inhaler (as prescribed) 10 minutes before starting to swim.

  • Warm up and cool down appropriately to reduce the risk of exercise induced asthma

  • Consult your GP if swimming seems to make your asthma worse. It may be a sign that your current treatment is not optimal.

Don't :

  • Swim on days where your asthma symptoms are troubling or if you have a bad cold.

Specific tips.

Open water swimming :

Remember that the water temperature might be colder. Which may affect your asthma.

  • Carry your inhaler with you if swimming far from the shore. A waterproof wallet or waist bag can be helpful.

Swimming far from home :

  • Remember that different climates may affect your usual asthma control, especially changes in humidity, pollen count or air quality. As you may need to modify your inhaler use, discuss with your GP or asthma nurse before you travel.

  • Consider local pool hygiene standards as they may be variable.

(source : Swim England)

100% Pure Himag Oil and Asthma

Our 100% Pure Himag Oil has been found effective to greatly improve the health condition of the people with asthma.

If you drink it twice every day, as we recommend it, you should be ok to go for a swim, be it in a pool or in an open water.

Tips :

  • If you fear that your asthma might get worse while swimming, just drink one tea spoon of 100% Pure Himag Oil some 10 to 20 minutes before jumping in the water.

  • Always keep a bottle of 100% Pure Himag next to your usual inhaler. And drink a tea spoon of it after using your inhaler if you start an attack.