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I Had been using Himag for myself and mother of 94 years old for almost 2 years now. I Am buying it at cybergate Cebu and at Capitol Commons Pasig. Himag oil is being taken by us orally one teaspoon before sleeping and has greatly improved our health conditions.

Palm Trees

Mark-Ann Ariola Gaballo

Tribal Miracle Oil is very effective. I've been trying  it for my nephew’s skin problems he was suffering in 1yr and 2 months. but now we thanks to god for this gift its miraculous he's going better now.

Palm Trees

I have been using Himag Oil for 3 years time and I drink 3 Teaspoon every day and my mayoma is gone. I can recommend this product because it is very effective to the health because it has a natural ingredients in it and it safe to the body.

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Teresa Bustos Ferer

Bought himag oil and good for body pain.

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I work in the team of Tribal Miracle Oil, I have a problem in my armpit for 3 years of suffering because it has a dark spot and I don't have self - confidence in myself. After trying the Himag Soap for many times I noticed that their is a change in my armpit my problem is all gone and I have a confidence on myself right now. Thank You Tribal Miracle Oil.

Palm Trees


Tribal  Miracle Oil  is  good  for  massage, it  proven , I used that  its  feel  comfortable.


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