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Aug. 12, 2016


I just bought the aromatic hot scented tribal miracle oil....is it also for freckles and can it be used as moisturizer?i truly understand it's indications as stated in the bottle itself...but i just got confused when i read that the aromatic hot oil scnted
is best for massages...please clarify..thanx

Dec. 12, 2015


ok kaayo ang Tribal miracle nga pure himag.nakagamet man ko ana

Sep. 21, 2015


Asa ta kapalit ana Tribal miracle dri bohol? sa ICm diay ni.

Sep. 17, 2015

Miss Teen Dumaguete

Go!Go! Tribal Miracle soar high!!!

Sep. 17, 2015

Toti Remolano

Yeah...me too, i was able to massage this tribal miracle oil product.its really nice and perfect to my skin.it removes my freckles and skin blemishes. my wounds was healed within just two days. really amazing!!!wow! where can i buy this product here in

Sep. 17, 2015


Hey! wow... you products are very amazing!!!

I was able to use it when I wan in dumagute. Thanks to Tribal Miracle Oil, the amazing products that healed my very itchy skin or alleries. Congrats!