1) Pure Himag Oil

Exists in : 60 ml for Php 280/bottle - 250 ml for Php 1,100/bottle - 500 ml for Php 2,200 - 1,000 ml for Php 4,400/bottle

100% purely herbal and organic. 

  • Controls external and internal bleedings and wounds;
  • relaxes paralytic nerve disorders;
  • anti-wrinkles and other skin disorders;
  • enhances pregnancy;
  • relieves ulcers and hyperacidity;
  • helps regulate blood pressure;
  • helps regulate blood sugar level (diabetis);
  • relieves arthritis;
  • anti-asthma and other allergies;
  • relieves kidney problems;
  • helps curing psoriasis;
  • anti-poison
  • and many, many others...

May also be drinked : recommanded dose : one teaspoon 3 to 4 times a day, preferably before or with your breakfast, lunch and before sleeping.

2) Aromatic Hot Scented

Exists in : 120 ml for php300 and 350 ml with pump for Php 900/bottle

 With cool menthol for a fresh sensation;

  • Perfect for massages;
  • Skin moisturizer and anti- skin freckles;
  • anti-microbial and anti-skin allergy;
  • anti-dengue and anti-mosquitos;
  • relieves nerve spasms;
  • anti-stress and relieves muscle inflammation;
  • anti-dandruff and kills hair lice;
  • relieves rheumatism and back pains;
  • relieves stomach gas pain.

External use only.


3) Hair Grower

Exists in : 100 ml bottle for Php 450/bottle

Solves baldness problems.

External use only.

Don't wait to be bald ! Use it as soon as you state that you are loosing hair, as this 100% natural herbal product can only reactivate the still living hair follicles.

Apply every day on the scalp, before going to bed; massage to help the oil penetrate the skin and leave the whole night. Use a gentle shampoo when showering the following morning.

Most effective if used every single day.

External use only.

4) Anti-Aging Oil and Skin Moisterizer (Body OIl)

Exists in 100 ml bottle for Php 450/bottle

Anti-aging and skin moisturizer oil.

May be used over the whole body.

Apply a small quantity and massage gently until the oil is absorbed by the skin.  Apply preferably before going to bed and leave the whole night.

Most effective if used every single night.

External use only.

5) Anti Psoriasis Natural Herbs

Exists in 100 ml bottle for Php 450/bottle

This product was more specifically developed for people who suffer from Psoriasis.  But it was also found effective on many other kinds of skin problems (e.g. eczema, allergy, irritation, warts, pimples, acne, scars, wounds, ...)

Apply at least two to three times a day on the affected area, and rub gently for a few minutes till the oil has penetrated.

Most effective if used every day.

External use only.

6) For Body Scrub

Exists in 100 ml bottles for Php 450/bottle

Alcohol based and with no solid particles.  Rejuvenates the skin naturally.  A total new way of kins scrubbing !

Apply on the skin generously and rub vigorously enough.  No need for rincing.

External use only.

7) Acne Vulgaris (Anti-pimples)

Exists in 100 ml bottles for Php 450/bottle

This oil was more specifically developed for people who suffer from ordinary pimples, the so called "acne vulgaris".  It helps also reduce the scars resulting from the pimples.

Apply at least two times a day on a dry skin, by getting up and before going to bed.  Rub gently with the tip of your fingers for a few minutes on the affected area till the oil has penetrated.

Should be used for maintenance even after the skin regained its normal appearance.

For external use only.

8) Facial Mask

Exists in jars of 120 grams for Php 500/jar.

Based on the same pure Himag Oil as most of our products and mixed with special salts, thanks to its combined light scrubbing and deep purifying and healing effects, this mask rejuvenates the skin of your face and helps eliminate its darks spots, warts, wrinkles and other abnormalities.

Apply a small quantity once a day on a dry skin; leave for +/- 30 minutes and rinse with pure clear water.  USE NO SOAP.  Wipe gently to eliminate the water and finally apply our ANTI-AGING OIL (Body Oil) as a moisterizer.

Tip : This products is also very effective against stretch marks and dark spots all over the body.

For external use only

9) Body Cream with Pure Himag Oil

Presented in a 120 ml bottle with pump. Price : Php 550/bottle.

Exists also in a 350 gr jar for Php 1,600.

Being very soft and smooth, this cream will amaze you by its ability to hydrate the skin of your whole body and to mitigate all its small defects (couperose, fine lines, dark spots, etc.) as well as any irritation. You will also appreciate its subtle tangerine scent.

Apply a small quantity on a clean and dry skin and rub gently for penetration. Can be used as day and/or night cream. Gives the best result if used everyday.

For external use only.

10) Face Cream with Pure Himag Oil

Presented in an elegant 30 gr acrylic jar.  Price : Php 600/jar.

This face cream is similar to our Body Cream, but with a thicker and richer cream as a base and a more efficient mitigating effect on the skin's imperfections. Protects the delicate skin of your face against the everyday agressions of pollution, wind, sea salt, chemicals and others. You will appreciate its subtle tangerine scent.

Can be used as a day and/or night cream. Wash your face and then apply a small quantity on your face and neck with the tip of your fingers and massage gently for penetration, starting from the center of the face towards the ears and the sides of the neck.

For external use only.