How it all started.

A well kept secret brought to light.

The Ata Negritos Tribes of Negros Oriental have been blessed since time immemorial with a wonderful oil indigenous to them. This oil was and is still prepared by their healers for their exclusive use and this, as well in case of disease as to keep their health in balance. They call it "HIMAG OIL".

TRIBAL MIRACLE OIL SUPPLY started in 2013, when Veronica Maputi chanced upon a person who led her to some indigenous people of the Ata Negritos Tribes in Bais and Mabinay, Negros Oriental. One of them was a traditional herbalist and healer with an extensive knowledge of the plants and trees from the mountains and forests of the island.

Veronica received some samples of the HIMAG OIL prepared by this man. Testing it on herself, she noticed how amazingly her general condition and health was improved. A few other experiences with people who's health situation was desperate convinced her that the product had a great potential. This is why she proposed to the herbalist to make his oil known outside of his community.


Developing new products

After a while, it became obvious to Veronica that, not only the HIMAG OIL had a strong potential to become a best seller all over the Country and overseas as a precious help in many diseases and health problems, but that it would be possible to develop other products based on the same in-depth knowledge of plants of the tribal healers. That is how she came across the idea to develop a whole range new products with the help of the traditional herbalist.

Up to now, each year the Company expanded its range with one or two new products. Today, we offer the public eleven very efficient products in different sizes and packaging, in the field of food supplement, massage, cosmetics and health, mostly based on infusion of plants in coconut oil.

Our Mission - Our Vision


  • To contribute to the good health of our customers by developing and making available to them, at a fair price, quality and natural products based on the ancestral knowledge of plants of the ancient indigenous people of Negros Island, presented as food supplements, massage oil, skin care products, cosmetics and any other type of suitable form.
  • To contribute to the development of employment and livelyhood of the filipino communities, especially the Ata Negritos indigenous Tribes of Bais and Mabinay.



  • To promote the development, the production and the use of pure natural organic products for keeping and improving the good health of the Human Being with no bad side effects.
  • To contribute to the economic development of the Province and its good reputation within the Country and overseas.

Development and extension of the Company

TRIBAL MIRACLE OIL SUPPLY has made the clear choice of growing slowly.  And this, for two main reasons. First, the Company does not want to rely on external  financing for the moment; second, the production is mostly dependent on the plants it needs, to make its products and the supply remains limited to what Nature can provide and the Company can collect.

Nevertheless, within a few years time, the Company, who originally sold its products exclusively in trade fairs, was able to create its own permanent kiosks in two visayan cities and two different locations in Metro Manila, and to build its own production factory. Presently, the Company is preparing to secure its procurement in raw plant material by seeking to acquire its own plantation land.

At the same time, a sister company was also set up, namely a Massage Parlor Company called Vero Massage Clinic and Spa, located in the same buidlding as our head office, using the massage oil developed by TRIBAL MIRACLE OIL SUPPLY. One of the goals being to showcase the efficiency and quality of our products.

The most recent step in the development of the Company was to update its website, with a complete ONLINE STORE which allows everyone, regardless of their place of residence, including overseas, to easily order the products they wish.

Future planned developments include the opening of new kiosks, and the distribution of our products in large chain stores and pharmacies all over the country.